"BREXODUS - Movement of the people!"

According to a recent report - BREXIT & Hospitality: What does it mean for managersand staff?- one in ten EU nationals are planning to leave the UK as a result of Brexit. The number of EU nationals leaving  the UK in the past year has been the highest in a decade. This constitutes a major problem in an industry where staff retention already runs at approximately 70%, 15 points lower than the UK average of 85%!

In addition, the report's findings show that 3% of managers fear they may have to close their business due to rising costs of produce and staff shortages.

It's time to take action NOW to mitigate this potential staff "Brexodus"!


It's time to re-address the perception that hospitality stands for short-term employment, unsociable hours and doesn't provide fulfilling career paths!

Fishing in new demographic workforce pools, flexible working conditions and two-way loyalty and commitment are the name of the game if you want to keep staff in these uncertain times!


Take time to meet with each team member and establish what he or she is passionate about. What do they want to do? Where do they want to go? How can you help them get there - inside and outside the workplace?

If they want to join a choir which meets every Tuesday, try to schedule shifts that accommodate! That respect will stand you in great stead when you next need their goodwill.


Efficiency and productivity are paramount, however, give due to credit to staff for their intelligence too! THEY do the job day in, day out. THEY see potential upsell and improvement opportunities. Involve them in how your organisation is run. Keep them appraised of how the business is performing. Involve them in the future evolution of the business... and their jobs!


Invest in your staff! Not only will they acquire new skills and tools, but they will feel valued and appreciate that you have committed to a degree of loyalty to them. When their aspirations fit with your business growth plans, future-proof both parties by implementing learning and development programmes that take you in the right direction - together!

Offer: Insights Discovery® Team Legacy Workshop

Insights Discovery® is the tool that keeps on giving! This is a one day workshop that will help team members understand their personality profiles and the value they and their colleagues bring to the team. It also helps identify areas of possible conflict and devise strategies to minimise them.

We are delighted to offer a special offer for our newsletter readers of £1450+VAT for a one-day workshop plus £150+VAT per delegate for their Insights Discovery® personality profile.  This offer is for up to 12 delegates and must take place during 2018.

Contact rosemary@httraining.co.uk to book or discuss a bespoke solution.


It's all very well to implement training, enthuse about career paths and share future visions, but it means little if you don't "walk the walk"! Make time to:

  • schedule plans and deadlines for delivery;
  • ensure your own behaviours reflect your organisation's values;
  • invest in yourself so that you can be the best boss - and inspiration - for your staff!

by Anna,