New year, new business, new clients –  how will you secure yours?

January has landed, bringing with it expectations of increased year-on-year sales. Managers for sales, business development and marketing departments must implement strategies to secure easy wins, identify clients for up-sell or cross-sell and produce marketing campaigns to attract new customers.

The old adage holds true: it is far easier to increase sales to an existing customer than bring in a new one. Yet how many of us create a specific campaign for this, ensuring it becomes an integral component of sales and marketing planning?

Here’s an idea: why not set time aside this week to list your top ten products or services?

Identify your top ten clients and commit to ensuring they are aware of all the services you provide! Chances are, they may be purchasing something you can provide from an alternative supplier or, dare we say, competitor!

Here at HT Training and Coaching, we strive to ‘walk the walk’, so expect to hear from us soon! In the meantime, here’s a summary of the services we offer.


We use tried and tested, highly acclaimed psychometric profiling tools such as Insights Discovery® to help delegates acquire a deep understanding of their strengths and areas for development. Whether for an individual or a team, this invariably forms the foundation of the bespoke coaching and training programmes we develop for each client.


Training can be provided for teams or individuals, and may include:

- leadership development for new managers;

- senior leadership team development;

- sales training including: introduction to sales; better customer engagement; enquiry handling for increased profit; advanced selling skills; negotiation and presentation skills.


We offer coaching for teams, managers and individuals, including senior level one-to-one coaching, helping our clients become the very best version of themselves that they can be! 

by Anna,