Re-igniting your mojo using Motivational Maps™

"I feel as if I've lost my mojo!" A common expresssion, what what is 'mojo', and how do you gain or lose it?

Specific definitions of ‘mojo’, range from an association with the mystical and magical through to ‘a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy’ (ref Cambridge English Dictionary).

Focusing on this latter definition, at some stage in our personal and professional lives we can all identify with that ‘lost my mojo’ sentiment. We’ve had moments where we just can’t summon up the requisite enthusiasm and energy levels, or feel that we are in a role or environment that emulates wading through mud!

So how do we re-ignite mojo – our own and that of the staff and teams with whom we work?

HT Training and Coaching has launched an exciting new programme using Motivational Maps™, a tool that identifies individuals’ and teams’ core motivators.

Motivational Maps™ is based on extensive research into human motivation, and uses an online evaluator tool to identify nine core motivations that are grouped into three cluster areas: Achievement, Relationships and Growth.  

Usually three motivators take precedence, one of which indicates primary motivation. All nine motivators are scored, leading to an overall percentage that suggests how motivated a person is and which areas require attention in order to increase motivation. These include: Relationship Motivators (eg security, belonging, social esteem); Achievement Motivators (eg power, influence, mastery, financial/material); and Growth Motivators (eg innovation, independence, making a difference).

Used in conjunction with one-to-one support and management team workshops, Motivational Maps™ unlocks motivation and potential, leading to a more energised and productive team. It is effective across all departments, from sales to operations, and for leadership teams.

HT Training and Coaching is delighted to offer a discount for our new programme: ‘Re-ignite team mojo using Motivational Maps™. The programme is designed for managers who want to learn how to create environments that motivate high performance.

The offer includes:  

  • full day management Motivational Maps™ workshop for up to 12 delegates; 
  • a Motivational Maps™ evaluator for each delegate (usually £40 each);
  • one-to-one coaching and support.

Cost £1,250+VAT if booked by 30 April 2017 for programmes completed by 31 July 2017. (Thereafter the cost will be £1,930+VAT).

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