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Case Study 1: Departmental Managers Course Leads to Six Promotions

Director, Rosemary, worked with Anglian Country Inns (ACI) to develop and deliver a ‘Rising Stars’ two year management development course. Towards the end of 2016, ACI was awarded the ‘Best Managed Company for Training (less than 30 outlets)’ at the British Inn Keeping Association’s National Innovation in Training Awards.

The course was designed to prepare departmental managers for the next stage in their careers. Within 18 months of the programme, six delegates were promoted, with two becoming general managers and two becoming executive chefs. We are proud of their achievements, particularly as they occurred before they had even completed the full programme!

Case Study 2: Five Star Hotel’s Sales Director Prepares for Next Role

John’*, the sales director of a five star hotel, had worked for his employer for three years and enjoyed delivering a great job building business for the hotel from a specialist niche market. He felt ready to consider new opportunities, however, was unsure of what his next move should entail. His bosses decided to support him with a programme of six face-to-face coaching sessions over a six month period, and contracted HT Training and Coaching to deliver it.

We provided an Insights Discovery® psychometric profile which we then used as a foundation for the coaching programme. The profile highlighted John's natural skills and talents. He quickly identified that he did not want to progress to a director of sales and marketing role, as he had no interest in managing a team - he loved sales and building client relationships. 

John’s company was expanding with the opening of new hotels so we worked on strengthening his all round sales skills and raising his profile within the organisation. He is now well-placed to move forward and apply for a promotion as and when a regional role might be created within the company.

 Case Study 3: General Manager of Small Business Develops Effective Leadership Style

Mandy’* had worked for a small, privately run business for five years. When the owner of the business needed to take a step back due to ill health, Mandy was promoted to general manager. She struggled to decide how she should position herself with the colleagues with whom she had been working, and lacked clear focus and understanding about what was expected of her in the role of general manager.

HT Training and Coaching’s director, Rosemary, delivered four one-to-one coaching sessions to help her develop an appropriate strategy for the areas on which she thought she should focus. She approached the owner with this plan, thereby opening up a useful dialogue. This helped the owner realise that a fluid style of management was not working, and that Mandy required clear direction in order to operate effectively.

Mandy now has a clear picture of what is expected of her, is developing her own leadership style and involving the team in a number of business improvements.  After an initial rocky six months in the role, she has come out the other side stronger and determined to succeed.

*Individuals’ names have been changed to protect identity.

by Anna,