Credible Leadership: a new approach for 2019


Schools across the UK were incensed when the UK Chancellor announced funding for "little extras", rather than acknowledging the challenges they face on bigger issues such as staffing, buildings and equipment. It has generally been perceived as a faux pas, and one that comes nowhere near addressing real problems. 

Given the current political situation, few would have vilified him for holding fast to the purse strings until greater clarity around BREXIT and the UK's economy has been established. 

Effective leaders understand the difference between token gestures and authentic acknowledgement of major issues. They use their teams' knowledge to help develop solutions. 


Employees are demanding new ways of working, often blurring the lines between personal and professional lives. They want freedom to live life on their own terms and enjoy a fulfilling and stimulating workplace. The challenge for managers is to  develop working practices and an environment that inspires teams, yet has boundaries which ensure the company's commercial and cultural objectives are achieved. 

Initiatives such as flexible working and sabbaticals demonstrate commitment to employee welfare, and perks that contribute to overall health, and physical and mental well-being are appreciated. 

That alone isn't enough, however, to retain and stimulate your best people. They have an enduring desire for innovation and to feel they are making a valuable contribution to organisational development and evolution. 


There's a new game in town to elicit exciting, practical new ideas to solve business challenges - the 'Solution Huddle'!

Teams are located together and given a challenge to resolve within a predefined timescale, with the rule that ANYTHING GOES! A small selection of the ideas are pitched to a senior management panel that selects one idea to develop and take forward. 

Solution Huddles have delivered demonstrable benefits in addition to potential solutions to the original challenge.

These include:

  • collaboration and a sense of contribution and achievement for employees;
  • innovation and problem-solving;
  • space to advance ideas or projects;
  • on-boarding of team members;
  • creating new products or services.

Kick-start the new year with our Project 2019 Workshop

Let's get creative! We'll work with you to develop a one-day Solution Huddle to bring out the innovative juices in your senior leadership team!

Combining the freedom of an 'anything is possible' attitude with the productivity of a facilitated environment, your team will come away with three ideas, and the basis of a delivery plan to take them forwards.

As an extra bonus, we are offering a special deal for a follow-up Project 2019: make it happen workshop to keep you on track!

Project 2019 Workshop

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Project 2019 Workshop AND

Project 2019: make it happen follow-up workshop within three months. 

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by Anna,