Make Q1 of 2018 your best quarter yet!

1 JANUARY 2018:

Does your financial year runs April to March, or January to December? Either way, Januay to March is either the first or last quarter of your year. After a busy period, don't haul yourself across the threshold from 2017 to 2018 dragging your feet, but leap into it with energy, intention and A PLAN to make it the best quarter yet!

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Leadership guru and founder of Action Centred Leadership, John Adair, states that to devise and implement an effective plan, three core elements need to balance: Tasks, Teams and Individuals. Typically, managers focus disproportionately on Tasks - getting the job done - whereas greater forward thinking would reap better returns. 

As the Leader, your time is best spent defining what needs to be done and by when, evaluating or sourcing the resources (people, equipment, budget, etc) at your disposal, putting them together so that they work effectively and efficiently and then setting pace, focus and modifications along the way where necessary. 

Leaders that disproportionately focus on Tasks , often spend up to 80% of their time on:

  • doing rather than inspiring, strategising and leading;
  • checking staff and re-doing jobs that have already been inadequately executed;
  • firefighting - with those both above and below them in the hierarchy.
That's why spending more time on Teams and Individuals simply works better! 

It's a cliché, but it's true. Consider how you can delegate, empower and motivate your teams, and constructively deal with any conflicts. Help your team to understand the bigger picture using clear communications. Keep morale high when times are tough, and set standards through your own behaviours.

Nobody goes to work to do a bad job and feel resentful or miserable all day. Nobody. A manager's job is to help every team member become the best version of themselves that they can be (and yes, that includes the manager too!). Every individual has a role to play.  

As Leader your job is to:

  • set the course;
  • bring quieter members of your team into the fold;
  • manage strong characters;
  •  offer constructive feedback;
  •  praise and encourage.
This should not be merely a reactive stance, but one that has been strategised and developed through training, one-to-one coaching and focus on your own development as a leader as well. By taking time to develop these three core areas of your work - Tasks, Teams and People - you will be well on the way to becoming a highly effective and respected leader. 

HT Training and Coaching specialises in leadership and team training. Using a tailored mix of training, workshops, coaching and tools such as the highly-acclaimed Insights Discovery® and Insights Deeper Discovery®  programmes, we offer packages that deliver tangible and transformational results. 
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