Proactive Strategies for Wellbeing at Work


According to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 11 million work days are lost  each year due to stress at work. Organisations have a legal responsibility to protect employees from stress, and the HSE provides a helpful risk assessment template to help you analyse your own workplace for physical and mental risk levels. 


Stress may be instigated by any number of factors from excessive workloads, through to friction with colleagues or having to deal with difficult customers. Whatever the cause, it is important to acknowledge it exists and take a proactive approach to alleviating it and creating a supportive workplace before it escalates.



It's easy when faced with conflict or just awkward customers to feel defensive or take comments and behaviours personally. In reality, they are unlikely to have anything to do with you! Training, matched with a supportive boss, will help you see the situation for what it is and manage it so that you diffuse the situation and your stress levels. 

We are delighted to offer our newsletter readers two special training programmes designed specifically to address the issue of stress in the workplace. 

Programme 1: Dealing with Stressful Situations
(Suitable for front line staff)

  • 2 x half-day sessions run on the same day for up to 12 delegates per session

  • Objectives: to give staff the skills and confidence to deal effectively with challenging customers and situations

  • Cost: £1,100 (reduced from £1,250) + VAT if booked before 31 April and delivered before 31 August 2018

Programme 2: Leading a 'Stress Less' Team

(Suitable for team leaders, line managers and head of department)

  • 1 full day course for up to 12 delegates per session

  • Objectives: strategies to minimise stress in your team through effective communication, support and coaching

  • Cost: £1,250 (reduced from £1,450) + VAT if booked before 31 April and taken before 31 August 2018

  • A free copy of The Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 minutes a day to less stress, more peace by Dr Patrizia Collard for all delegates



The HSE has identified six areas of work that affect health, productivity and sickness levels

  • Demands: do you overload staff, or ask them to work in unsuitable conditio
  • Control: are employees able to influence how they do their work?
  • Support: do you encourage your staff, offer them clear progression paths and 'fit-for-purpose' resources?
  • Relationships: how do you promote positive working and enable effective means of dealing with conflict and unacceptable behaviour?
  • Role: are your employees clear about their role on both a micro and macro scale?
  • Change: is organisational change managed effectively using clear communications and support?


by Anna,