Psychometric Profiling: what's it all about?

Psychometric profiling is a common tool for most respected trainers, coaches and mentors, yet many people are still unsure about what it is, the benefits it delivers and how it can be used to best effect.

HT Training and Coaching is a firm advocate of psychometric profiling tools, and in particular the highly-acclaimed Insights Discovery® suite of products. We believe it arms individuals with insights and understanding about themselves and others, and enables us to develop training and coaching programmes that are relevant, effective and can produce transformational results. 

Watch this short video to find out more about Insights Discovery®.

HT Training and Coaching rates Insights Discovery®  for three reasons: Accessibility, Accuracy and Toolkits

1.    Accessibility

Insights Discovery® is based on four easy-to-understand profiling types: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, Cool Blue.

This simplistic structure helps clients to recognise in themselves and others certain characteristics and preference traits. The colour descriptors enable everyone from managers to ‘hands-on’ operations staff to relate, regardless of whether they respond best to visual, auditory or descriptive information.

2.    Accuracy

On receiving their profile, many clients frequently comment on the accuracy of Insights Discovery®, expressing surprise at the information that has been produced. It is likely to reveal far more that they already know about themselves and those around them. Exclamations such as “My goodness, how did you know all this?” are not uncommon.

Insights Discovery® has been tested and benchmarked by a number of reputed bodies, including the British Psychological Society, and been found to have a high level of accuracy.

3.    Great tools and training aids

Insights Discovery® comes with a suite of highly visual and memorable training aids and toolkits. Once clients have received their own profiles, we work with teams to deliver rigorous, interactive workshops around giant profile mats, and provide desktop tools that serve as daily reminders of how to implement the learning. 

What are the benefits of profile-based learning and development?

Insights Discovery® works wonders for internal and external communications. It facilitates a common language that all personality types can relate to. It enables people to be forthright in their conversations, pitching them in such a way that the other party responds positively to rather than taking offence.

As an example, saying “My colleague responds best to information that is detailed and accurate” goes down far better than: “My colleague is just picky and painful”! None of us is perfect, and what irritates one person may be the very trait that makes someone else good at their job!

This enhanced awareness is productive in sales too. Does the person you are addressing to get easily bored (Sunshine Yellow) or do they require every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed (Cool Blue)? Do they take decisions quickly (Fiery Red), in which case, send the contract and don’t waffle! Or do they need to see a higher, altruistic reason to commit (Earth Green), in which case, why not explain your corporate social responsibility activities?

Getting the best results from psychometric profiling

Psychometric profiling without training support and follow up won’t produce results!

HT Training and Coaching offers training and coaching programmes that address your specific aims and objectives. We design a bespoke programme for every client, however, a typical example may include:

•     an Insights Discovery® profile for every team member;

•     a one-day workshop to explore dynamics and demonstrate how to best use profiles that have been provided;

•     monthly emails with profile and client-oriented tasks for each team member to complete;

•     regular telephone/Skype one-to-one coaching.

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