Social isolation at work: a rising problem

There is no doubt that new flexible working trends offer many benefits, particularly for those with families or studying. However, it doesn't necessarily work well for everyone. Homeworking or nomadic work practices are leading to a rise in social isolation in the workplace. 

Add to this a decrease in team or face-to-face meetings, and at best you may experience employees feeling de-motivated (or, dare we say it, 'swinging the lead') and at worst, they become lonely and disengaged with what is happening in the business. So how can employers strike the balance between flexibility, autonomy, independence and team cohesion? 


Out of sight can often mean out of mind, especially when, on the surface, things appear to be ticking along nicely. One down side of working remotely is that team members and managers don't pick up on subliminal messages and issues that they would quickly notice when working alongside other colleagues. 

Schedule regular weekly and monthly meetings for your entire team. This ensures everybody enjoys a sense of belonging, understands team goals and has the opportunity to share experiences and ask questions. 

You might like to consider somewhere completely different for your meetings, where you can share an activity as well as discussing work projects. Examples might be a 'talk n walk' or cooking together.   


The plethora of technical communications apps often enable us to avoid speaking to each other! Instead, let's harness technologies such as Skype, WhatsApp et al and use their video capabilities for a  "virtual coffee break". 

These technologies enable face-to-face meetings, even if we're in another building, town or country! Don't be afraid of tech - embrace it!

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by Anna,