The BREXIT effect: show staff some love


September heralds the conference season followed sharply by Christmas, both of which demand efficient working practices, high energy levels and no small supply of good humour and resilience!

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This year may prove more challenging than usual, as reports flood in from the media about EU citizens leaving the UK in their droves as the political dance around BREXIT continues. 

Read on for ideas on how to show your workers some love if you want them to see you through the season and beyond. 


Recent reports show that EU nationals are falling out of love with the UK. Uncertainty around what their status will be post-BREXIT, combined with the falling value of the pound are compounding to render the rest of Europe a far more attractive proposition. It's time to show your staff some love and give them a compelling reason to stay!


It's time for a sharp shot of motivation! Hit the ground running this September by setting exciting new goals, backed up with inspired training and development programmes. Let's get started!

1. Diarise time to meet with staff - individually and as a team. Listen to their aspirations, hopes and concerns.

2. Set team goals and structure a training programme to achieve them.

3. Map out career pathways so that staff understand where there are opportunities for skills development and promotion.

4. Plan incentives and rewards - be generous with them!

5. Develop yourself! How can YOU become the best manager you can be to touch, move and inspire your staff? 

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 SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE:   Survey highlights BREXIT impact

In its recent BREXIT Employment Survey 2017, law firm Baker McKenzie surveyed 250 skilled workers from EU27 countries about the impact the uncertainty of BREXIT is having on them. The results are concerning with "56% of respondents 'likely' or 'highly likely' to leave the UK before the outcome of BREXIT negotiations is known. 

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