The Role of Mentoring in Change Management

By now, for many of us when we hear GDPR, it is enough for us to break into a cold sweat! We've spent weeks deciphering new legislation and establishing new policies and procedures, whilst worrying just how big a percentage of our marketing database we might have lost overnight! Looking ahead, we also need to ensure our staff are embedding new procedures as they go about their everyday activity. 

The Institute of Leadership & Management cites Five Dimensions of Leadership as evolving principles to meet leadership challenges. Two-way mentoring is a proven methodology that can have significant impact on one particular Dimension - ACHIEVEMENT.

Mentoring in the Modern Age

Mentoring has changed from old-style 'senior colleague mentoring juniors' to a more collaborative, two-way exchange. Modern day mentoring tends to follow this format.

  • It is a relational, two-way experience.
  • It has a formal context.
  • It is seen as sharing experiences rather than passing on experiences.
  • It focuses on learning and development. 
Hear HT Training's director, Rosemary Bannister's, insights about Achievement Mentoring in her recent ILM webinar

by Anna,