The smart manager's guide to surviving the party season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year...!

Well yes – and no! Let’s face it, for those of us in the hospitality industry there’s little respite throughout December from exuberant party-goers, and the occasional overly-inebriated customer!

That said, the festive season is great for business providing you and your team implement a few basic strategies to last the course. To help you, we’ve come up with Five Top Tips to Surviving the Party Season.

1.       Keep Healthy

Try to eat well, sleep well, go easy on alcohol consumption and head outside for fresh air and exercise! Managers should roster days off for themselves and their teams to rest and recuperate, which plays a major role in how everybody copes as the season progresses. After all, you want to arrive at your own festivities with some fuel left in the tank!

2.       Make money

A little lateral thinking can add significant upsell opportunities. For example, could you add a two-for-one offer to a standard package, or a superior wine or digestif for an extra charge? If you offer accommodation, provide room rates to lunch and dinner guests. Most importantly, ensure your team has been briefed on any offers.

3.       Make spending easy

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Yet we’ve all been at an event where the queue is five people deep at the bar and decided to go elsewhere. Don’t lose spend through lack of a little extra logistical planning.

4.       Plan for January

There’s nothing worse than starting a new year without a plan! Think about January staffing levels, training requirements and marketing strategies. Structure some great delegate packages to market to business customers who may be looking for board retreats, team building packages or sales strategy meetings. Kick-starting these in January means you’ll hit the ground running in 2017!

5.       It’s the little things - say Thank You!

Sometimes all it takes when your team or colleagues are flagging is a little appreciation to get everybody re-energised. Don’t forget to thank them for their efforts and maybe even consider a little treat such as a beauty treatment or meal voucher to demonstrate that you value their hard work.  

So there you have it! Here at HT Training and Coaching, we’re working hard on our own game plan for next year, and look forward to many of you being a part of it! Watch out for our January blog and newsletter for details!

In the meantime, from Rosemary and the rest of the HT Training and Coaching team, we’d like to wish you a fabulous festive period and a very successful new year!

by Anna,