Time to get personal - it's all about YOU!


It's common knowledge that many new year resolutions don't see the end of January! Think back to this time last year and commitments you made to yourself or others - how many came to fruition and which of them fell by the wayside? Does it fill you with frustration? Disappointment? And what can you do to change things this year?

Regret weighs heavier than fear! However impossible your aspirations may seem right now, remember that the only thing guaranteed is that you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Instead, picture yourself on 31 December 2018 ready to celebrate the end of a magnificent year in which you overcame your doubts and went all out to achieve your goals. How does that feel?  


You need to get excited about the year ahead, and the best way to do that is to sit down and envisage where you want to be this time next year. Write down three BHAGs - BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS - that indicate success worth working for. Then reverse engineer the actions you need to take in order to achieve them, and break down into bite-size chunks planned across the year...


Inevitably over a 12 month period there will be moments of disillusion, overwhelm and a desire to just not bother! The majority of us - including highly successful entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs - have the greatest successes when we have a coach working alongside us that has our back. A coach will help you re-energise your motivation, hold you accountable to your plan, be there as a sounding board and generally keep you focused on the end game.

When it feels as if colleagues, a boss, the economy and sometimes even friends and family may be conspiring to block your path, your coach will be an invaluable non-partisan partner championing your cause.

You'll finish December 2018 with a smile on your face to celebrate a year of massive achievement!


It's time to invest in YOU! Our new year offer includes:

• helping you to identify your top three goals for 2018;

• an Insights Discovery® Personal Profile to analyse your personal strengths, challenges and areas for development;

• 4 x 60 minute telephone coaching sessions.

JANUARY OFFER:  £599 (usual price £756) +VAT. 

Email us to book. 

(Terms: must be booked and paid for by 31 January 2018)


"Crossing the Unknown Sea" by David Whyte

Fortune 500 consultant, David Whyte, proposes that "...as human beings we are the one part of creation that can refuse to be itself. Our bodies can be present in our work, but our hearts, minds, and imaginations can be placed firmly in neutral or engaged elsewhere." His book, "Crossing the Unknown Sea" is well worth reading and delivers a practical approach to re-awakening the soul in order to successfully bring our deepest identity to our work. 

by Anna,