Turning Enquiries to Money in the Bank

I have recently been trying to find a venue for a birthday party and I have to say that being a potential customer has been eye opening and hugely frustrating!

The first challenge was getting to speak to someone!  One hotel in particular I called 5 times!  On the final call I left a message with my contact details and chosen date but never received a call back.  Some wanted to rush me off the phone and send an email rather than talk to me and others, though they did a good job of identifying my needs and telling me about their product, did not take my contact details so could not send information or do any follow-up.  Nice to know that they can be so blasé about a booking worth at least £2k.

So let’s get back to basics and you can’t get more basic than the ‘Four Steps to Business Growth’:

Maximise the conversion of incoming enquiries – answer the phone, call people back, find out what your customers want and then talk enthusiastically about how you can help them.

Bring back repeat customers – this is very reliant on achieving step 1 so you have someone to entice back!  Give great service, follow up after the event and find out if it is a repeat event.  Ask them to put a positive comment on Trip Advisor.

More business from existing customers – what else do they need?  Who else do they know that you might be able to help.

Bring in new customers – if we do this well the phone will ring and the emails will flood in which takes us straight back to step 1!

Good luck

by Rosemary,