Insights Discovery®

Insight Discovery® is our preferred psychometric tool and is based on the psychology of Carl Jung. It delivers far-reaching and highly effective results at individual, team and organisational levels. Insights empowers delegates to achieve a better understanding of themselves, of others and how team dynamics in any environment can be more effective, enjoyable and productive.

Insights Deeper Discovery® builds on Insights Discovery® and is a powerful tool in helping individuals define what is important to them and helps them achieve personal break-throughs that lead to business break-throughs.  It has potential for leadership and team applications and is ideal for addressing a wide range of business challenges.

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HT Training create bespoke training solutions for you and your team that help you to achieve your specific business and team development objectives.

HT Training use a range of world class learning and development tools to support programmes where appropriate and these include:

Liberating Leadership - HT Training is an accredited provider for this exciting Leadership development programme founded on research that highlighted the competencies used by great leaders.  This is usually delivered a a 4 day development programme spread over 4-6 months.

The Colourful Sales Manager - developed to encourage sales excellence for sales personnel at every stage of their sales development journey.

Enquiry Handling for Increased Profit - one of our most popular courses providing your reactive enquiry team with the skills and confidence to convert more business.

The conventional definition of management is getting workdone through people but real management is developing people throughwork.

Agha Hasan Abedi

Motivational Maps - Motivation can be a bit like the Holy Grail.  We are told it exists but we have little idea of how to find it!  Of course motivation comes from within, we cannot force anyone to be motivated but we can create an environment to help maximise the motivational satisfaction of ourselves and our colleagues.

20 years in the making, Motivational Maps combines three tools - Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Edgar Schien's Career Anchors and a psychometric called Ennegram.  The result - a powerful took that helps us understand the 9 key motivators, our own and others motivation.  Again this tool can be used to support individual development and for team development.

Sample courses

We can provide you with a wide range of development initiatives to support the growth of your team members.  Please contact us for a personalised quote.

1-Day Insights Discovery® - An introduction to team effectiveness

1-Day Sales Effectiveness course based on Insights Discovery®

1-Day Enquiry Handling Best Practice - tailored to customer’s business

HT Training delivered a tailored program using Insights Discovery to our pre-opening sales team. At the end of our first year of operation the team are still in place, exceeding their quarterly goals and still referring to principles delivered during the training. One of our team members during a de-brief said it was the most interesting, effective and relevant course she has attended which speaks volumes for the training that was delivered.

Adrian Norbury, Director of Sales & Marketing, Loews Regency Hotel, New York

Other Services


A ship in a harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for

William Shedd

Your sales and marketing strategy meetings should be hotbeds of creativity and innovative thinking. The ideal opportunity for organisational teams to plan how to keep pace or, better yet, several steps ahead of a vibrant hospitality and tourism market.

HT Training and Coaching offers the cost-effective services of tried and tested facilitators with in-depth experience of developing sales and marketing strategies within a team environment. Our professional expertise, coupled with our objectivity and first-hand, up-to-date knowledge of the industry, will help your team by: